250 Birdie Hills Rd. | St. Peters, MO 63376


Our Mission

Every place of worship has a different understanding of mission, and it’s probably healthy if that mission evolves and changes as its members (and the world around them) evolve and change too.

Celebration tries to hold this truth in balance:

Be encouraged by the all-inclusive message of love the God has for the world

Be challenged by the hard-hitting examples of Jesus to seek out those that society has pushed to the side and love the marginalized, poor, excluded, and derogated communities.

Be educated in the ways of philosophy, science, psychology, and theology- considering how they can work together to give us a greater understanding of God’s artistry and the scientific brilliance of the multiverse’s design.

We want to develop ourselves into people who can tell our Why to the world around us, but also then becomes advocates for justice, compassion, and love to the same world which so often is hurting and scared.