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Our Beliefs

It’s really important to us that faith is meaningful to you. So faith is not just what you learned in parochial or Sunday School, it’s not just what your pastor or parents taught you.

Faith is the combination of the things you’ve learned, seen, and experienced, coupled with what we know, deduce, interpret, and read about who God is.

Faith is grounded in a teaching of Love, where a God so loved a world that family leaders like Abraham were raised up, then stuttering guys like Moses, kings like David, judges like Deborah, prophets like Isaiah, until (after humanity continually choose Independence from God), God sent Jesus as the ultimate example of how to live life “laced with grace”.

We believe faith is a Journey, and it doesn’t matter where you are on it.

We believe the Church should be a Safe place of Extravagant Welcome, with no exceptions of your past, whom you love, your financial or educational situation, or current beliefs.

Instead, Church should be all of us taking one more small step forward to learn, grow, and serve.